Facebook Policy

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To maintain orders within my Facebook friend list and keep my News Feed clean, there are small rules.

  1. I do not accept friend request if you do not fall in these groups:
    1. You have met me in real life at least once.
    2. You have extensive online relationship with me so that I am comfortable releasing real life information to you.
  2. If I declined your friend request, that is final and I won't think twice. If you can convince me you fall in these groups, then there'll be some exceptions. If you try again without valid justification, I will block you. Bye.
  3. I do not reply to Facebook messages: I do read them to hide [1] notification in the menu bar, but I do not reply. Try other medium if you need my attention.
  4. You may be removed from my friend list if you disable your account, like or comment on abusive posts (abusive posts are defined at my discretion, but generally gore, horror, Donald Trump, spammy articles), or post some materials I find unacceptable. Removal from my friend list usually comes with block.