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Freenode nick revi is primary freenode nick. revi on Wikimedia.

There are few additional Freenode nicks, because of the Freenode's maximum channel limit.

  • s[_]: revi, for the channels I don't chat often but want to keep stalking an eye on.
  • revi|CVN: revi, for the wiki-area vandalism tracking. Primarily on CVN-related channels.

I usually set a user-mode that don't allow a non-identified user to PM. This is because of frequent spam from non-identified spammers. Please create a NickServ account. Alternatively, you can PM s[_], but do it when strictly necessary. If spam grows up, I may have to disable anonymous PMs from there too. By the way, when you PM me, don’t ask to ask, just ask. That will save my time, and your time.

If you are a IRCCloud user, you’ll see a profile icon. Copyright information.